Valentine’s Day Balloon Surprise


In today’s busy world, I just can’t realistically be that perfect “Pinterest mom” who crafts every day with her little ones (as much as I would love to!) When a holiday rolls around, I do try and set time aside to create something special for my children – it’s no surprise that I am big on celebrating special events and love creating memories for my kids! Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun this year (especially because it was cheap, easy to do, and of course cute), and it really surprised my daughter. It was perfect!

The holiday is about all things love after all, so I wanted her to wake up and immediately feel it surrounding her! What better surprise than a room full of balloons? Balloons are always fun.. but I added a little twist to make a game out of it. Hanging from each balloon string was a paper heart: on the front side was a letter, and the back side was a number. I scattered the balloons randomly throughout the room. She had to put them in numerical order from 1-20 to decode the secret Valentine’s message “We Love Emmie and Easton!” She loved searching the room for each number and grabbing the balloon. I loved the educational aspect of it. My favorite part was after she woke and saw her ceiling covered in balloons, she ran into my room and said “Mom, it is so pretty!” and gave me the biggest hug. I knew she really appreciated it!
To make this happen, it was really very simple. I used 20 balloons (a mixture of pink and teal, her favorite colors), string (which I grabbed from extra gift wrapping supplies), paper hearts (cut from construction paper), a hole punch, a marker and a helium tank. The helium tank was bought at Walmart for $23. The night before Valentine’s Day, I cut out the hearts, punched the holes, and wrote the message on the hearts. I also pre-threaded the string into each heart (about 5ft-6ft length) so it was once less step I had to do in the morning. I waited to blow up the balloons until the morning, otherwise they would have been on the ground by morning, which doesn’t really have that same wow factor :) I woke up at 5:30 am, blew up the balloons, and tied them to the string. I quietly tiptoed into her room to scatter the balloons around so she would find them by the time she woke up, two hours later. I was done by 6:00 am and was able to hop back into bed. This special surprise cost me about $30 and an hours worth of time. Not bad!
I would absolutely recommend doing a surprise like this for any birthday or holiday in the coming year –  worth it just for the smiles :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY :: Metallic Easter Egg Designs

Easter is on its way, so I thought I would share this fun silver metallic egg DIY with you guys. Decorating eggs is always fun, and I love how everyone can make them their own. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest for unique ways to color and display eggs – so here is just one of the many! 

easter-egg-materialsFor the materials, I used:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Egg dye tablets (you can also paint the eggs, or just leave them white for a clean, simple look)
  • Egg dipper – if using dye
  • Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in Silver
  • Pencil with unused eraser
  • Paint brush


First I dyed the eggs and let them dry. I wanted more of a pastel color to them so I didn’t let the eggs sit in the dye for very long. Once they were dry, I used the metallic silver gilding to make patterns. For easy polka dots, dip a clean eraser into the metallic paint and then apply that gently onto the egg. easter-egg-step1You can keep adding polka dots by repeating this step in any pattern you like. Wait for one side to dry before rotating around so the paint doesn’t smear.easter-egg-groupOnce I had my polka dots I wanted to mix it up so all the eggs didn’t look the same. I used a paintbrush to paint the lower portion of the egg with the silver liquid gilding. easter-egg-candy-cup2Ta-da! Cute metallic Easter eggs ready for display! metallic easter eggsThese fun eggs will make any Easter shine! Enjoy!

DIY Silver Acorn Garland


My neighbors have a giant oak tree in their yard that produces MASSIVE acorns. I’m talking huge. There are so many all over the sidewalk, I felt like they were going to waste just laying there. I was trying to think of some way to incorporate these display worthy acorns into a holiday decoration for my house. Well, anything looks prettier painted silver, so why not acorns? It’s a great color for both fall and winter and goes with everything. It was a very easy project to do, the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry! Below is the tutorial – but before you start an acorn painting party, make sure to read Small Home Big Start for tips on how to clean them. Bugs and mold aren’t very cute, so probably not a good idea to skip that step. Now, on to the fun!

acorn-materialsYou will need: acorns, scissors, bakers twine, silver liquid gilding (I used Martha Stewart’s brand from Michael’s), and a small paint brush

acorn-paintingOnce the acorns have been cleaned, you can start painting. For most of the acorns, I was able to paint it all at once, while holding the stem, and set it upside down on the cap to dry.  That way it the acorn can dry without rolling around and messing up your lovely paint job.

acorn-painting2I used two coats of the liquid gilding just to give it some extra shine.  Pretty, right?

acorn-and-string-whiteNext, string the acorns together with bakers twine.  The stems on the caps are pretty sturdy. I tied two knots to make sure the acorns weren’t going anywhere since they were relatively heavy. And that is it! I just thought they were so cute I started thinking of different ways to use them.  Hang as garland by themselves, or on a tree. Instead of stringing them together, why not turn them into single hanging pieces? Boom – lots of acorn ornaments! See how Design Sponge shows how to make a gorgeous table centerpiece by hanging them separately.

acorn-and-garlandI took a few extras that weren’t strung up and sprinkled them throughout garland on my mantle.  I can’t decide which look I like best! We hope you enjoyed this project, let us know what you think in the comments below!


17 Ways To Dress Up Desserts

It’s time to get rid of those plain old candles for a cake topper and step up your dessert table game.  Have your goodies make quite the statement and add these lovely details to make the sweets even sweeter.  It is also a great way to tie your party theme into your treats.  We’ve searched the web and rounded up these 17 adorable dessert toppers that will make your guests swoon!

2012-05-03-PomPoms.jpg1.  Tissue Pom Pom Toppers – With such a versatile look, they can really fit any theme.  Bonus – it’s a DIY so if you want to get crafty, we’ve got you covered. (via the kitchn)

Heart cake toppers | Photo by Sylvia Photography | Read more -  Gold hearts – What’s better than one gold heart? A bunch of gold hearts! We love this look, so simple yet elegant, and an easy way to dress up a white cake. (via 100 Layer Cake)

Potter and Butler Etsy shop mini balloons

3. Balloon Kit – As you know, we are all about Kits here.  You can order this balloon kit through Etsy and it has everything you need to make the topper. (via Potter + Butler)

4.  Sparklers Toothpick Toppers – Use the tutorial to create your own Sparkler Toothpick Topper for a New Year’s Eve party.  You get the look of a gorgeous sparkler without the mess of lighting real ones. (via The 36th Avenue)

IMG_80315.  Hot Air Balloon Topper – This hot air balloon topper is just so darn cute.  And guess what else? Easy! Composed of just a mini cupcake, mini Japanese lantern, and toothpicks, it makes you want to host a hot air balloon party just to use this topper. (via Project Nursery)

Nautical Cupcake DIY Project6.  Pennant Flag Cupcakes – Set the pennant flags up like a mast or make a bunting pennant banner out of them.  Either way they are festive and pretty! (via Bayside Bride)  And how can we not mention this cake stand?! Love!

Pretty Peppermint Dream Cake | BHG Delish Dish - I can't wait to make this!7.  White Chocolate Christmas Trees – Get in the holiday spirit with a festive white Christmas tree topper (via BHG).

8. DIY Ruffle Fondant Hearts – These fondant hearts are just so lovely for any special occasion, but especially fitting for a bridal shower. (via Julep)

DIY Shrinky Cake Toppers | by Jordan Shrinky Party Cake Toppers – An adorable and innovative use of printable Shrinky Dink Paper (who knew?!) Use numbers or create your own designs for a topper. (via Polkadot Prints)

DIY Typography Cake Toppers10.  DIY Typography Cake Toppers – A fresh and modern take on a topper for a baby shower or a birthday, complete with the cake topper download. (via The Proper Pinwheel)

IMG_202911.  Circle Garland Topper – Bakers twine, a circle craft punch, and the paper of your choice make this sweet garland topper. (via Project Nursery)

12. Gold Bow Toppers – So chic and feminine, these gold bows are perfect for any age. (via Fawn Over Baby)

it's a boy script13. It’s a Boy Script ($30) – A perfect baby shower topper, and it comes in the color of your choice! (via Sweet and Saucy Supply)

Pinwheel Cake Topper14. Pinwheel Cake Topper – These pinwheel toppers are fitting for a springtime soiree, and Martha Stewart provides you with the how-to of course! (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

15.  Gelatin Bubbles – Top off your dessert with these easy to make gelatin bubbles.  You can also try placing these on a paper straw or toothpick and making mini balloons, how cute would that be! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

Image of Cake Toppers - Hooray OR Let's Party16.  Hooray/Let’s Party Cake Toppers ($10) – Have your sweets make a statement, literally, with these fun and affordable toppers! (via Confetti & Co)

17. Paper Straw Birthday Candle Cupcake Toppers – I know we said ditch the boring candles, but these are neither boring or actual candles! Such a creative take on the traditional birthday candle, it’s one of our favorite DIYs. (via Icing Designs)

Looking for more ideas? Our Hostess Kits have the option of adding on coordinating dessert toppers, many of which are personalized.  Check out our Shop for more party goods! 

cupcake toppers collage

Happy Halloween!

haloween-blog-eggsBoo! Beware of what’s in your fridge, frightening things might be lurking inside. No, not the leftovers from last week… Halloween eggs! I gave these ordinary white eggs a little bit of a face lift last night.  It’s a cute and not-so-scary surprise for my husband in the morning.   If you happen to have several eggs and a Sharpie on hand, this is an easy but fun project to do in five minutes.  It’s pretty self explanatory, but just in case – here are some pictures and tips below!

halloween-eggs-and-sharpieI used both a skinny Sharpie Pen and Sharpie Marker.  The pen was good for fine lines with the eyes and teeth, and the marker was useful for coloring in large spaces quickly. Make sure you wipe down the eggs before you begin drawing on them. There may be condensation present after your take them out of the refrigerator. Your boo-tiful faces will smear if they aren’t fully dry.  

egg-eye-sharpieLay the egg so the smaller end is facing down when you begin to draw, it looks more like a head when placed this way.   Need inspiration for what kind of faces to give these guys?  I drew mine from the Ugly Dolls and Jack-o-lantern expressions, they look great on the eggs.

sharpie-eye halloween-eggs

Ta-da! So cute. It’s too bad we have to crack them open! While you are making breakfast, ask someone to grab an egg for you and watch their reaction when they open the carton. It’s sure to get a smile.  

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween! Happy haunting! 

11 DIY Halloween Treat Bag Ideas

Happy Thursday everyone! Halloween parties are getting near, and we have just the way to “treat” everyone.  These cute and creative favor bag ideas are perfect for your child’s classroom party or just for handing out to any of your favorite little ghosts and goblins.  See eleven of our top picks for DIY Halloween treat bags below!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags & Free Printable by Love The Day1.  Find free printables on Love the day and turn your plain ol’ favor bags into your choice of Frankenstein, a pumpkin, or a bat – too easy!

witch's broom favor2.  One of our favorite ideas, because it is just so darn cute, are these Witch’s Broom Favors from Martha Stewart.  They may take some time to cut and put together, but look at them! Totally worth it.

Halloween Playdough Treat cute to make these instead of handing out candy!3.  This is a brilliant alternative If you are want to avoid doling out even more candy, or are worried about food allergies. These Playdough treat bags are from One Krieger Chick.  So cute!

Avery, free printables, freebies, Avery template, printable bag toppers4.  Coco and Mingo provide a very cute free printable label for Halloween treats.

halloween-crafts-for-kids35.  Wrap a lollipop, tie some ribbon, draw a few eyes, call it a day. This spooktacularly simple and easy idea is from Women’s Day.

DIY Felt Character Halloween Bags6.  These DIY Felt Character Halloween Favor Bags from Momtastic are not only a terrific idea, but perfect for kids (and parents!) No sewing needed, just cut the felt shapes out and glue them on to the bags.

7.  So quick and simple, it’s “mummy”‘s best friend. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)   This is the perfect project if you have extra fabric scraps lying around.  This adorable Mummy Halloween tutorial is on Outnumbered.

Googly eye Halloween treat bags by Positively Splendid for Darice8.  Positively Splendid gives us a fabulous step-by-step for these festive treat bags.  Added surprise – glow in the dark googly eyes!

DIY Halloween Treat Bags.  The perfect bag for gifting treats to your friends, classmates, neighbors and/or friends!  #halloween #burlapbags9.  Live Laugh Rowe knows that burlap is trending, and they’ve shared the tutorial on how to create these lovely treat bags yourself.

10.  We love that Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make the Bag of Bones bag and gives instructions on how to make the candy skeleton.

11.  Simply Modern Mom features a tutorial by Paper Crave, that demonstrates how to transform black cardstock into adorable Batty Treat Holders.


DIY Halloween Door Decor


I have seen these adorable “BOO” door signs everywhere – from Etsy to Pinterest, and love how fun they are!  I knew it was time for me to get festive and create. Turns out, it is SUPER simple!

The Materials:

1. BOO Letters: I went to my local craft store and bought the wood letters. They are 8” tall, and were easy on the pocket at $2.50 each.
2. Acrylic Black Paint: I picked up a small bottle for $1 at the craft store. I used one of my daughters paint brushes to apply. (If you don’t want to use a brush, you can use black spray paint.  Since it was cold outside when I made these, I opted for the acrylic paint.)
3. Twine: I used black and white bakers twine to tie the letters together. You can find this many times at a local craft store, or order it from Whisker Graphics. (It is always good to have on hand!)
4. Ribbon: The orange polka dot and black and white striped ribbons I used to make the bows are from my favorite ribbon store, Ribbons and Bows Oh My.  They even have cute Halloween ribbon for another fun look.

The Tools:

1. Drill: You need a drill with a small bit to drill the holes in the letters.
2. Scissors: To cut the ribbon of course :)
3. Hot Glue Gun: To make the bows.


How to:

1.  Paint the letters black.  I applied two coats just to make sure it was all covered. A great thing about acrylic paint – it dries fast!

2. Drill holes in the letters once they are dry.  Make two holes on the letter “B” and two holes on one of the “O” letters.  There will need to be a hole at the top and one at the bottom of each of these letters. For the second “O”, you just need one hole at the top.

3.  Tie the letters together with the bakers twine. I also created a loop on the top hole of “B” for hanging.  Now your “BOO” letters are assembled.

4.  Make the bow. There are tons of tutorials on a million different kinds of bows, but I decided to just wing it! If you like the look of the bow, follow these steps to achieve it:

boo-orange-ribbon Take the larger ribbon (in this case, the orange polka dot) and wrap it around your hand three times before cutting it.

orange-ribbon-and-scissors Take your bakers twine and tie it tight in the middle of the wrapped ribbon. It should fold up in the middle to give it a “bow” effect.

orange-and-black-ribbon Use your smaller ribbon (the black and white striped one) to tie it around the bakers twine in one knot. Pull the ends tight. Cut the ends at an angle so they are smaller than the ribbon behind it.

orange-bow Pull apart each end of the bow to fluff up the three bow loops.

Use your glue gun to glue the little “tails” behind the bow. You can make these any length you desire. I put the black and white striped ribbon in front of the orange polka dot ribbon to really make it pop! Bow complete!

Your “BOO” sign is now beautifully crafted and only cost you a little bit of time and a couple of bucks. Proudly hang it on your front door for your neighbors to enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Party Trend: Watercolor (with printables!)

Watercolor is trending – it’s inspiring fashion, weddings and now parties! And we love it! Since it is so light and soft, it really does work well across the board for any type of event.  Like…perfect for a summer party! A watercolor theme is great because you can use it for every aspect of the party, or just individual pieces on their own. We saw so many fantastic watercolor ideas, we had to get in on this. So, we created ultra colorful pink, yellow, and blue watercolor favor tags for you to download – and of course its free! Bonus – you don’t have to get your hands, table, sink, etc. stained with actual watercolor.  You can’t mess this up (unless your printer jams, or you are out of ink.. then yes if you manage that, we have on our hands first world crafting problems). But really, so much easier than actual paint!

Click here to download the watercolor favor tag printable.


For those of you who want to roll up their sleeves and get artsy, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite watercolor DIY projects that can (and should!) be incorporated into any party.

DIY watercolor napkins1.  The Ruffled Blog has a tutorial for making these oh so gorgeous watercolor napkins.   Perfect for a bridal luncheon or shower, (or even my house – look how well they would hide stains!)

Watercolor Paper Bow Free Download

2.  Like we have said before, everyone loves a bow tie – and this is no exception.  Smitten on Paper has free watercolor paper bow templates, so you too can make your table just that much prettier.

DIY watercolor stripe bunting3. The Sweetest Occasion shows how to create a colorful bunting banner (and flags!) with watercolors.

DIY Watercolor Paper cups

4. Now this is how you make a plain paper transform from ordinary to delightful.  Love and Lace shows how to get this look here.

diy watercolor table numbers5. Unless you are using this tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect for a wedding, you probably don’t need table numbers. But switch the bottle out for a vase and flowers, leave off the numbers, and I think we have a stunning centerpiece guests wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of.

DIY Glitter Champagne Flutes

DIY Glitter champagne flutes
Several months ago, I hosted an ombre pink & gold glitter bachelorette party for my sister – in Vegas.  It was going to be so much fun, I started thinking of how to style it.  I had to keep in mind it was a destination party.  I love her, but not so much that I want to check 5 bags to get all the party decor there.  Of course I’m joking, if I had to I would – but surely there was another way!  Plastic drinkware was the perfect option for stowing in luggage, but it was so blah. What turns blah into sparkly wonderfulness? Glitter! They turned out (and traveled) perfectly.  The girls absolutely adored the pink glitter champagne flutes. They were such a hit that I wanted to share how I made these, and show you how easy it is to do this at home.  Just follow my DIY tutorial below to give your party a special sparkle.

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

What you’ll need:
drinkware {I used the plastic cups from party city that come in two parts}
tacky spray
mod podge
paint brush
paper plates
sealer/finishing spray {optional}

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materialsDIY Glitter champagne flutes materials


Step one.  Take apart the plastic flute so that it is in two pieces. Spray, spray..and spray, the bottom (or wherever you want the glitter) so it is covered with tacky spray.DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

Step two.  Lay down a paper plate.  Pour glitter over the bottom piece you just sprayed.  An easy way to do this is to place on finger in the opening of the bottom piece and hold at an angle. You will need to do this several times between the paper plates to fully coat the piece.DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

Step three.  Now, we wait.  Once you have let the glitter set for a few hours, it’s time for mod podge.  One coat usually does the trick.  This seals the glitter and keeps your guests from having shiny pink hands. If you are pressed for time, you can first spray it with a coat of sealer before applying the mod podge. Then you don’t have to wait a few hours before applying.  Either way, it is important for the glitter to be dry because the paint brush may smear the glitter if it is not, giving it an uneven look. After the mod podge has dried, your bases are complete.  Just insert the top portion back onto the base and your done!

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materialsglitter champagne flute diy final

Step four.  Toast! Fill the glasses with champagne or your drink of choice and get to sipping! Now you have adorable glitter champagne glasses that your guests will surely swoon over!

7 DIY Bridal Shower Favor Ideas We Love

It’s that time of year for all things wedding!  If you are hosting a shower for the bride to be, we have gathered a few of our {favor}ite thank you ideas.   We have you covered no matter what the theme.  Don’t fret – the DIY skill level ranges on these, so there is something for everyone!

1. Cake in a Jar ::  Guests will enjoy this favor to the very last bite.  Get the recipe and instructions from Ruffled Blog.

cheesecake in a jar favor

2.   Succulents ::  An adorable and affordable gift.  Succulents are easy to care for, all they need is some sun and a little water when they are dry.   Project Wedding gives a step by step for place cards, but just add a thank you tag instead and you are good to go!

succulent favor

3.  Diamond Donuts :: Two of a girls favorite things.. need I say more? See JoAnn for the printable diamond toppers.

donut diamond ring

4.   Glitter Champagne Bottles and Paper Straws :: Glam up the gifts with a unique touch by decorating the mini champagne or wine bottles with glitter. Attach a matching paper straw for a finishing touch.  If you love this look {like we do}, we’ll be posting a tutorial on how we achieved a similar look for the bachlorette party we styled – so keep checking back!

gold glitter champagne favor

5.  Nail Polish :: A gift everyone is sure to use! Pick a color that goes with your theme and pair it with a cute emery board.  Click on over to Katie Noel for the step by step process if you need help.

Essie Favor nail polish

6.   Honey :: You can “spread the love” by passing out this deliciously sweet favor. The Wedding Chicks even provide a free printable template for the Meant to Be tags, how cute!

meant to be honey favor

7.  Chocolate Tasting Favor Jars ::  Mini jars + chocolate = yummy cuteness all around.  Something Turquoise  shows how quick and easy it is to make these mini tasting favors!

Happy hosting!