Frozen Fever Birthday Party!

Disney’s marketing geniuses knew what they were doing when they created a 7 minute clip that would generate a whole new love for Frozen, along with a whole new set of merchandise! And my daughter was one of those little girls who gobbled up all things Frozen Fever, so alas, we had a Frozen Fever birthday party when she turned five. I have to admit, I actually LOVE the way this party turned out – lots of fun, bright colors, cute little snowgies (mini snowmen), flowers upon flowers and flowers, and the best part… it was actually very easy to organize!

Frozen Fever

The Breakdown:

Colors: Yellow, White, Teal, Green and Pink

Décor: To set the royal table up, I used one of our yellow and white striped tablecloths, silver candelabras with sunflower balls, and place cards with the guest’s names on them. For placemats, I bought teal scrapbook paper which is an inexpensive and easily solution (just throw away when done!). They also got to use Frozen Fever plates and teal water goblets to drink their fancy lemonade out of. Even though it was a ‘tea’ party, I knew pink lemonade would be a much bigger hit!



I also had our entryway table wrapped in tulle with a sunflower garland which was a big wow factor. The cake was displayed front and center for everyone to see! My favorite décor item was the sunflower garland that draped our staircase – it made such an impact and helped set the scene for Frozen Fever!


Food: Tiara shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit parfaits in a fancy cup were the highlight of this royal tea party. A must – the replica of the Frozen Fever cake!! Definitely the highlight for my daughter that her cake looked like the one from the movie! A big thanks to The Chocolate Box of Chattanooga for creating that masterpiece.


  1. Tea Cups: Being a tea party, we had a paint your own tea cup section, which was created easily by buying two paint your own pottery sets from the store. I had the girls do this first so we could bake the tea cups while they did the other activities allowing them to be ready for use during the tea party. Tip: Put tea cups straight into cold water once they come out so they cool faster.
  2. Nails: I bought a set of Frozen nail polish and had our babysitter paint the girls fingers J Each princesses got to pick one color to put in her bag and take home.
  3. Make Up: My mom stepped up as makeup artist for the day and put glitter, blush and lip gloss on the girls. I bought mini Frozen body glitter from party city and ordered Frozen lip gloss off Amazon. Again, each girl got to pick one to use and take home with her.
  4. Tiaras: I bought the make your own crown kits from the party store. No set up, super easy and the girls loved it!
  5. Frozen Fever movie: To calm the girls down before lunch, I played the Frozen Fever clip from YouTube. Free entertainment!
  6. Hair clips: I made the Elsa hair clip from the movie using a clear jewel, purple flower and hot glue. These were clipped onto the teal goblets on the table creating a cute accent!



Party Favors: Each princess got a bag with her name on it to put their swag in from the makeup/nail polish station. We also had sunflower cookies (yum!) and a cute little snowgies! Hopefully whenever they squeeze their snowgie they will remember how much fun they had!

This party turned out to be beautiful, easy on the wallet, even easier to put together and one my daughter will always remember (or at least I hope so!)



Royal Princess Party

Can someone please tell me where has the time gone? I cannot believe summer has come to an end and school has started. And for us, it was a BIG step as my first born started kindergarten (cue the tears). Its hard to believe she is old enough (and I am old enough) to have a full time kindergartner. In reminiscing over the past week, I realized I never shared her last TWO birthday parties (I know, I have been slacking!). So, this will be a two part post – showing pictures and details from her 4th and 5th birthday. Let’s start with the first…

Like many four year old girls who just absolutely love anything princess, my daughter seems to attend a Royal Ball several times a day. I was thrilled when she asked for a Princes Birthday Party because I couldn’t wait style one for her in a unique way. The challenge was to make it fun and appealing for both boys and girls. For the theme, I decided to focus on princess silhouettes to get more of a sophisticated feel. Pink and blue were used as the main colors, which was a great way to include both the little princes and princesses.

undercover hostess dessert table


undercover hostess door silhouette

Our royal guests were welcomed at the front door which displayed hanging Cinderella and Prince Charming cut outs. I love having the theme right there immediately when your guests walk up to your door!






The main dessert table was designed to mimic Cinderella’s dress with linens. It was draped with a soft pale pink and accented with blue bows. The Chocolate Box created a beautiful castle cake, and this was to be the focal point of the dessert table. To highlight the cake, it was placed in the center of the table with framed by soft white ruffle drapes (the drapes were repurposed from my daughter’s bedroom). The three piece silhouette backdrop over the table is one of my favorite decorations! Accented with a candelabra, pink roses, vintage books, and delicious desserts, it definitely created the luxe royal look I was going for! I extended the princess theme into the desserts as well. Various princess cookies, “Frozen” themed donut balls, and Belle’s red cake pop roses were served. The Beauty and the Beast themed cake pops ended up being one of the most talked about desserts. They looked incredible and tasted amazing!


undercover hostess cinderella down the table2JPEGThe idea was to have all the guests dine at a royal table, so one long table was created to achieve the look. Crisp white linens were used as the base, styled with silver candles and pink roses as a centerpiece.  A pink chandelier hung from the ceiling tied it all together. One of my favorite pieces on the table were actually the custom princess silhouette paper plates, they helped bring the entire theme together.





For games, we had a large inflatable princess carriage for a bounce house, a “Seven Dwarfs” mining station where the kids shifted sand to find gemstones, a dress up area which consisted of princess clothes for the girls and swords and crowns for the boys, face painting, and a “Brave” station where the children threw water balloons at a target. I am lucky enough to have a handy husband and he constructed the mining trough, while the dress up station was brought down from her room (nothing like cheap décor!)


The party turned out beautiful and the kids had a blast playing games and eating delicious desserts. When my daughter walked outside and saw the tables set up for her party, her facial expression made all the planning worth it for just that!

undercover hostess birthday girl JPEG undercover hostess princess cookies

Valentine’s Day Balloon Surprise


In today’s busy world, I just can’t realistically be that perfect “Pinterest mom” who crafts every day with her little ones (as much as I would love to!) When a holiday rolls around, I do try and set time aside to create something special for my children – it’s no surprise that I am big on celebrating special events and love creating memories for my kids! Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun this year (especially because it was cheap, easy to do, and of course cute), and it really surprised my daughter. It was perfect!

The holiday is about all things love after all, so I wanted her to wake up and immediately feel it surrounding her! What better surprise than a room full of balloons? Balloons are always fun.. but I added a little twist to make a game out of it. Hanging from each balloon string was a paper heart: on the front side was a letter, and the back side was a number. I scattered the balloons randomly throughout the room. She had to put them in numerical order from 1-20 to decode the secret Valentine’s message “We Love Emmie and Easton!” She loved searching the room for each number and grabbing the balloon. I loved the educational aspect of it. My favorite part was after she woke and saw her ceiling covered in balloons, she ran into my room and said “Mom, it is so pretty!” and gave me the biggest hug. I knew she really appreciated it!
To make this happen, it was really very simple. I used 20 balloons (a mixture of pink and teal, her favorite colors), string (which I grabbed from extra gift wrapping supplies), paper hearts (cut from construction paper), a hole punch, a marker and a helium tank. The helium tank was bought at Walmart for $23. The night before Valentine’s Day, I cut out the hearts, punched the holes, and wrote the message on the hearts. I also pre-threaded the string into each heart (about 5ft-6ft length) so it was once less step I had to do in the morning. I waited to blow up the balloons until the morning, otherwise they would have been on the ground by morning, which doesn’t really have that same wow factor :) I woke up at 5:30 am, blew up the balloons, and tied them to the string. I quietly tiptoed into her room to scatter the balloons around so she would find them by the time she woke up, two hours later. I was done by 6:00 am and was able to hop back into bed. This special surprise cost me about $30 and an hours worth of time. Not bad!
I would absolutely recommend doing a surprise like this for any birthday or holiday in the coming year –  worth it just for the smiles :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spook-tacular Halloween Tablescape


Its that spooky time of year again – Halloween! I absolutely adore this holiday, always have, but now that I have kiddos of my own it makes it that much more spook-tacular!

I LOVE throwing parties – and that is an understatement. But sometimes it is fun just to decorate for my family, and that’s what I did here with this adorable Halloween set up. I plan on using this for our Halloween dinner before we go out and go trick or tricking. I am a firm believer in making the moments extra special for my kids – so what a fun way to add to the magic of Halloween. The best part – it takes little time and can be done on a budget! This entire set up cost less than $75 for 8 people!!! With items from the shop (, some DIY from the store and a tiny bit of time you can create the same look – whether or be for a Halloween party or just a scary dinner with your family!

DSCN4286 DSCN4312 

I am not sure what tableware I love more – the cat and skeleton plates, the polka dot baking cups or the spider cups! They are all so cute it is hard to pick a favorite – but I think the impact the spider cups make put it over the edge! Great for throwing some popcorn in or adding a straw to drink your favorite Halloween beverage, they really add to the fun of Halloween! To pull this entire look together, I bought the banners, napkins, cups, straws, plates and balloons from the shop. To save time and money, I used $0.25 black cardstock paper for the placements, I blew up the balloons myself and scattered them on the floor rather than using helium (which I think the kids preferred anyways as they threw them at each other), and I painted some branches black with spray paint to hang the oh-so adorable ghosts from. By using a clear vase I had from home and printing black polka dots onto white paper from the computer, I was able to create a unique vase without any cost – got to love those ideas!

DSCN4356 DSCN4327

Holidays spent with my kids are the best and I am looking forward to all the fun and adventure this Halloween will bring! Stop on by the shop to stock up on some décor to get you and your family in the ghostly mood!

DSCN4475 - Copy DSCN4309


Five for Friday :: New Mom Must Haves

Hello all! I have been so out of touch with the blog since having my baby boy that’s its finally nice to be back! We are starting a new concept with on blog and doing a weekly post called “Five for Fridays”, to share the five current things we are obsessing over so y’all can start obsessing with us too!

Since I am a new mommy again (he’s 2 months old now), my post this week is about my five must haves post-baby! Most of the time after giving birth everything revolves around the baby, and you forget to take care of you.(Sometimes you don’t even have time to shower!) While it is good to dote on your little one, you can’t neglect yourself. When you feel better about yourself you are a happier person, and it is always good to be in a more positive state when dealing with an unpredictable newborn!

five for friday new mom must haves:: ONE ::

With that in mind, my favorite item at the moment are these elastic waist shorts from J Crew Factory. I was stumbling around the mall one day trying to find shoes for my 3-year-old, when I saw these in the window – and I am so glad I did! If you have ever had a baby you know that you don’t feel good about your body right after, and you fall somewhere in between fitting into your regular clothes and maternity wear. That’s where these come in! I love that they are elastic and fit me now, and will continue to still fit even after I lose a little more weight! To top it off, I love that they AREN’T maternity clothes and that they are extremely comfortable. I am basically living in these shorts right now. They probably weren’t designed with new moms in mind but man did they hit the nail on the head with them!

:: TWO ::

Since clothes aren’t my friend right now, I splurged on a new pair of sunglasses for the summer. These Tory Burch navy shades are amazing – durable (which is important with kids), stylish, and I love the touch of color. I will live in these the next few months! It is always nice to be able to treat yourself to an item or two that goes with just about anything.

:: THREE ::

Naked 3 Eyeshadow. The light & shimmery colors are gorgeous and it even comes in a durable compact with its own brush. As someone whose life is on the go, I love that I can apply it at home or in the car with ease.

:: FOUR ::

Behind a sleeping baby is a happy mommy, and that is why I am obsessed with my new cover. If he falls asleep in the car, I can take him into the stores without any bright lights shining on his face. It also keeps nosy ladies from putting their face in his, which hopefully keeps him away from getting sick anytime soon! The cover costs $49, but I found a coupon online (use code: PJBABY) which gets you the cover for free as it is $50 off!!! (you only pay shipping and handling, and in my case, a very reasonable monogram fee). I would recommend for any new mom! I wish I would have gotten it sooner!

:: FIVE ::

Back to a sleepy baby again – the Rock N’ Play. This keeps my angel snuggled at night, and at two months I am getting an 8 hour stretch of sleep – which makes a world of a difference from those 2 to 3 mini sleep sessions. Easton had a cold for several weeks, so having him at an angle was a life saver and recommended by my doctor. I love how cozy he is in it, and that he sleeps soundly! I didn’t have this with my first kid (not fair!) and would absolutely recommend for any new mom to be!

While the most current thing I am obsessed with is my new little bundle of joy, these five items are my current favorites for any new mommy! To all you new moms out there – I wish you lots of rest and sleep! Enjoy!

DIY :: Metallic Easter Egg Designs

Easter is on its way, so I thought I would share this fun silver metallic egg DIY with you guys. Decorating eggs is always fun, and I love how everyone can make them their own. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest for unique ways to color and display eggs – so here is just one of the many! 

easter-egg-materialsFor the materials, I used:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Egg dye tablets (you can also paint the eggs, or just leave them white for a clean, simple look)
  • Egg dipper – if using dye
  • Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in Silver
  • Pencil with unused eraser
  • Paint brush


First I dyed the eggs and let them dry. I wanted more of a pastel color to them so I didn’t let the eggs sit in the dye for very long. Once they were dry, I used the metallic silver gilding to make patterns. For easy polka dots, dip a clean eraser into the metallic paint and then apply that gently onto the egg. easter-egg-step1You can keep adding polka dots by repeating this step in any pattern you like. Wait for one side to dry before rotating around so the paint doesn’t smear.easter-egg-groupOnce I had my polka dots I wanted to mix it up so all the eggs didn’t look the same. I used a paintbrush to paint the lower portion of the egg with the silver liquid gilding. easter-egg-candy-cup2Ta-da! Cute metallic Easter eggs ready for display! metallic easter eggsThese fun eggs will make any Easter shine! Enjoy!

DIY: St. Patrick’s Day Printable Shamrock Straw Toppers

There were probably more than a few St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this past weekend, but with the holiday officially on Tuesday, I know there will be plenty more! Children will be trying to catch leprechauns that visit their houses, and adults will be enjoying the green colored specialty drinks of the famous holiday. We are always up for a simple and festive craft, so to add even more green to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, we created these fun shamrock decorations that you can add to your straws!

2015-03-15 (3)


  • Scissors
  • Printables
  • Paper straws


Untitled-11. Download our Shamrock printables and cut out the individual shamrocks.

Untitled-32. Cut out each of the shamrocks. Cut two slits about a half inch apart. Make the slits wide enough so the straw can slide into the shamrock easily.Untitled-23. All done! Sip and enjoy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A great green themed beverage I found perfect for these adorable straw toppers are these kid-friendly mint milkshakes! Get the recipe over on Food Network.FN_St-Patricks-Day-Mint-Shakes_s4x3.jpg.rend.snigalleryslide.jpeg

The Shop :: Black Friday Weekend Sale!

The biggest shopping day of them all is here! Want to get a great sale from the comforts of your own home? We got you covered. For just this weekend, take 25% off your entire order in our shop (plus free shipping!). Planning a holiday party? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the sale and order your Be Merry or the New Year’s Eve Holiday Kit. Find your perfect Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, or Birthday Hostess Kit as well. Hurry and head on over to to start shopping, the sale ends Sunday night! undercover hostess black friday sale

DIY Silver Acorn Garland


My neighbors have a giant oak tree in their yard that produces MASSIVE acorns. I’m talking huge. There are so many all over the sidewalk, I felt like they were going to waste just laying there. I was trying to think of some way to incorporate these display worthy acorns into a holiday decoration for my house. Well, anything looks prettier painted silver, so why not acorns? It’s a great color for both fall and winter and goes with everything. It was a very easy project to do, the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry! Below is the tutorial – but before you start an acorn painting party, make sure to read Small Home Big Start for tips on how to clean them. Bugs and mold aren’t very cute, so probably not a good idea to skip that step. Now, on to the fun!

acorn-materialsYou will need: acorns, scissors, bakers twine, silver liquid gilding (I used Martha Stewart’s brand from Michael’s), and a small paint brush

acorn-paintingOnce the acorns have been cleaned, you can start painting. For most of the acorns, I was able to paint it all at once, while holding the stem, and set it upside down on the cap to dry.  That way it the acorn can dry without rolling around and messing up your lovely paint job.

acorn-painting2I used two coats of the liquid gilding just to give it some extra shine.  Pretty, right?

acorn-and-string-whiteNext, string the acorns together with bakers twine.  The stems on the caps are pretty sturdy. I tied two knots to make sure the acorns weren’t going anywhere since they were relatively heavy. And that is it! I just thought they were so cute I started thinking of different ways to use them.  Hang as garland by themselves, or on a tree. Instead of stringing them together, why not turn them into single hanging pieces? Boom – lots of acorn ornaments! See how Design Sponge shows how to make a gorgeous table centerpiece by hanging them separately.

acorn-and-garlandI took a few extras that weren’t strung up and sprinkled them throughout garland on my mantle.  I can’t decide which look I like best! We hope you enjoyed this project, let us know what you think in the comments below!


17 Ways To Dress Up Desserts

It’s time to get rid of those plain old candles for a cake topper and step up your dessert table game.  Have your goodies make quite the statement and add these lovely details to make the sweets even sweeter.  It is also a great way to tie your party theme into your treats.  We’ve searched the web and rounded up these 17 adorable dessert toppers that will make your guests swoon!

2012-05-03-PomPoms.jpg1.  Tissue Pom Pom Toppers – With such a versatile look, they can really fit any theme.  Bonus – it’s a DIY so if you want to get crafty, we’ve got you covered. (via the kitchn)

Heart cake toppers | Photo by Sylvia Photography | Read more -  Gold hearts – What’s better than one gold heart? A bunch of gold hearts! We love this look, so simple yet elegant, and an easy way to dress up a white cake. (via 100 Layer Cake)

Potter and Butler Etsy shop mini balloons

3. Balloon Kit – As you know, we are all about Kits here.  You can order this balloon kit through Etsy and it has everything you need to make the topper. (via Potter + Butler)

4.  Sparklers Toothpick Toppers – Use the tutorial to create your own Sparkler Toothpick Topper for a New Year’s Eve party.  You get the look of a gorgeous sparkler without the mess of lighting real ones. (via The 36th Avenue)

IMG_80315.  Hot Air Balloon Topper – This hot air balloon topper is just so darn cute.  And guess what else? Easy! Composed of just a mini cupcake, mini Japanese lantern, and toothpicks, it makes you want to host a hot air balloon party just to use this topper. (via Project Nursery)

Nautical Cupcake DIY Project6.  Pennant Flag Cupcakes – Set the pennant flags up like a mast or make a bunting pennant banner out of them.  Either way they are festive and pretty! (via Bayside Bride)  And how can we not mention this cake stand?! Love!

Pretty Peppermint Dream Cake | BHG Delish Dish - I can't wait to make this!7.  White Chocolate Christmas Trees – Get in the holiday spirit with a festive white Christmas tree topper (via BHG).

8. DIY Ruffle Fondant Hearts – These fondant hearts are just so lovely for any special occasion, but especially fitting for a bridal shower. (via Julep)

DIY Shrinky Cake Toppers | by Jordan Shrinky Party Cake Toppers – An adorable and innovative use of printable Shrinky Dink Paper (who knew?!) Use numbers or create your own designs for a topper. (via Polkadot Prints)

DIY Typography Cake Toppers10.  DIY Typography Cake Toppers – A fresh and modern take on a topper for a baby shower or a birthday, complete with the cake topper download. (via The Proper Pinwheel)

IMG_202911.  Circle Garland Topper – Bakers twine, a circle craft punch, and the paper of your choice make this sweet garland topper. (via Project Nursery)

12. Gold Bow Toppers – So chic and feminine, these gold bows are perfect for any age. (via Fawn Over Baby)

it's a boy script13. It’s a Boy Script ($30) – A perfect baby shower topper, and it comes in the color of your choice! (via Sweet and Saucy Supply)

Pinwheel Cake Topper14. Pinwheel Cake Topper – These pinwheel toppers are fitting for a springtime soiree, and Martha Stewart provides you with the how-to of course! (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

15.  Gelatin Bubbles – Top off your dessert with these easy to make gelatin bubbles.  You can also try placing these on a paper straw or toothpick and making mini balloons, how cute would that be! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

Image of Cake Toppers - Hooray OR Let's Party16.  Hooray/Let’s Party Cake Toppers ($10) – Have your sweets make a statement, literally, with these fun and affordable toppers! (via Confetti & Co)

17. Paper Straw Birthday Candle Cupcake Toppers – I know we said ditch the boring candles, but these are neither boring or actual candles! Such a creative take on the traditional birthday candle, it’s one of our favorite DIYs. (via Icing Designs)

Looking for more ideas? Our Hostess Kits have the option of adding on coordinating dessert toppers, many of which are personalized.  Check out our Shop for more party goods! 

cupcake toppers collage