Valentine’s Day Balloon Surprise


In today’s busy world, I just can’t realistically be that perfect “Pinterest mom” who crafts every day with her little ones (as much as I would love to!) When a holiday rolls around, I do try and set time aside to create something special for my children – it’s no surprise that I am big on celebrating special events and love creating memories for my kids! Valentine’s Day was a lot of fun this year (especially because it was cheap, easy to do, and of course cute), and it really surprised my daughter. It was perfect!

The holiday is about all things love after all, so I wanted her to wake up and immediately feel it surrounding her! What better surprise than a room full of balloons? Balloons are always fun.. but I added a little twist to make a game out of it. Hanging from each balloon string was a paper heart: on the front side was a letter, and the back side was a number. I scattered the balloons randomly throughout the room. She had to put them in numerical order from 1-20 to decode the secret Valentine’s message “We Love Emmie and Easton!” She loved searching the room for each number and grabbing the balloon. I loved the educational aspect of it. My favorite part was after she woke and saw her ceiling covered in balloons, she ran into my room and said “Mom, it is so pretty!” and gave me the biggest hug. I knew she really appreciated it!
To make this happen, it was really very simple. I used 20 balloons (a mixture of pink and teal, her favorite colors), string (which I grabbed from extra gift wrapping supplies), paper hearts (cut from construction paper), a hole punch, a marker and a helium tank. The helium tank was bought at Walmart for $23. The night before Valentine’s Day, I cut out the hearts, punched the holes, and wrote the message on the hearts. I also pre-threaded the string into each heart (about 5ft-6ft length) so it was once less step I had to do in the morning. I waited to blow up the balloons until the morning, otherwise they would have been on the ground by morning, which doesn’t really have that same wow factor :) I woke up at 5:30 am, blew up the balloons, and tied them to the string. I quietly tiptoed into her room to scatter the balloons around so she would find them by the time she woke up, two hours later. I was done by 6:00 am and was able to hop back into bed. This special surprise cost me about $30 and an hours worth of time. Not bad!
I would absolutely recommend doing a surprise like this for any birthday or holiday in the coming year –  worth it just for the smiles :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

XOXO Valentine’s Day Party Inspiration

We are in full on Valentine’s Day mode at Undercover Hostess. Glitter, hearts, and all shades of pink are filling up our shop! Before we created a few of the specialty Valentine’s Day items this year, of course we envisioned the fun parties and dinners for kids and significant others, but we wanted to focus on the other super important people in our lives.. our friends! We love the idea of a love-filled day with girlfriends celebrating friendship. Host a brunch, party, or dinner, have some cocktails and snacks, and share it with your favorite people! If you are planning on doing something special, we’ve put together a few ideas below on how you can style your Friendsentines Day (that doesn’t work as well as Friendsgiving, but you get the idea :)) or any party! valentines day cupcake and toppersPink and gold is such a sweet combination! These gold plates and cupcake wrapper provide a touch of glam softened with light shades of pink. And who can resist these cupcake toppers? The cupcake goes without saying. No one can resist cupcakes. Use the toppers to decorate all kinds of desserts or appetizers.valentines day party supplies

valentines day drink and pink pom pom stirrers

Mix and serve a fun pink drink! One of our favorites is Pink Sparkling Punch (see bottom of post for recipe). Garnish the glasses with strawberries and drink stirrers to complete the lovely look.

pink candy cups - valentines day

valentines day heart confettiDecorate your table with heart confetti! Yay!

ombre striped wooden utensilsOmbre striped wooden utensils are eco-friendly and oh so cute. valentines day favor bag and tagFill these favor bags with your favorite homemade baked good as a token of your appreciation for those we are lucky enough to call friends. Be sure to decorate your goodies with our free printable favor tags! 

valentines day party suppliesYou can shop all of the party supplies featured here (and many more!) in our Valentine’s Day shop.  

Download the full .pdf printable favor tags here (2 versions, shown below): Undercover Hostess Valentine’s Day Favor Tags

valentines-day-printables---xoxo valentine's-day-printables---happy-valentine's-day






Pink Sparkling Punch:

Ingredients: 1 can frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, 1 bottle Champagne, 1 bottle sparkling grape juice.

Directions: In a large punch bowl, combine raspberry lemonade concentrate, Champagne, and sparkling grape juice. Stir to combine and dissolve frozen lemonade. Ladle into glasses and serve.

Strawberry Wonton Cups - These elegant wonton cups come together so quickly and easily, and you can even make them ahead of time!With just a handful of ingredients and very little time, Damn Delicious shows how to make these Strawberry Wonton Cups. I’d say they fit the blog name perfectly.

Pillsbury Pie Crust recipe, heart shaped pie, heart shaped food, valentine's day recipes-vertHungry Happenings provides you with the how-to for these very tasty Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts with Roasted Red Pepper.

Rice Krispie Valentine Lollipops || FoodieCrush

Love these rice krispie Valentine lollipops from Foodie Crush, If there was such a thing as too cute to eat, this would be it. So sweet!

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs

Brownies, strawberries, and marshmallows as a kebab? Yes, please! Sweet Tooth gives you the instructions for this delicious recipe.

Enjoy, and happy hosting!

Pretty Valentine’s Day Printables

Hearts + Chocolate  =  Two of my favorite things.  Add the fact that my birthday is just hours away from coinciding with this wonderful holiday, celebrating this time of year doesn’t get much better.  At a little over two weeks away, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.  Headed your way just in time are some very adorable {and best of all free} printables! We made them to be versatile, so feel free to use them how you like.  Any way they are displayed will definitely make for a sweet celebration. We have included flags (use either with straws or toothpicks to sit atop your dessert), hearts (to adorn your straw, or just string together as garland) and charming little cards to relay your sentiment to that special someone.  

valentine's day printable, valentines straw flags, valentines cupcake topper and valentines cards
Valentine’s flags, cards, and hearts for you to enjoy!

Let’s face it, paper straws are delightful on their own.  How could they possible be more irresistible? Dress them in a heart cut out of course! Just cut a slit near the top and insert the straw.

valentine's day straw and heart tag
We “heart” this look

No straws? Glue the hearts to toothpicks and make decorative cupcake toppers.  To go a different route, just use the hearts to create heart garland.  Print the designs out, typically card stock works well. Punch two holes near the top of the heart, then just string the hearts with twine or ribbon.  And that’s it!  Super simple!

To download the Valentine’s Day printables, click here here for a higher resolution pdf version.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous in your DIY abilities, we are head over heels for this heart chain, from The House that Lars Built.

Sugar and Cloth shows how to make a fun and easy Valentine – great for any last-minute gift ideas! 

cute as a button

As always, we hope you enjoy the printables!