You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me! { First Birthday }

Well, somehow it happened. She turned one. That little baby girl we were bringing home from the hospital just a year ago celebrated her first birthday recently!


It feels like it was only last month we were constantly changing diapers, feeding every two hours, checking on her every five seconds while she slept, and were up at all hours of the night. Oh wait, I take that back. As far as the sleeping goes that was last month. What was life like before an uninterrupted 4 hours of sleep? I can’t quite remember, but I will totally take the life I have now with this independent, full of energy, super happy, and often quite stubborn one year old. She’s amazing and fully worth it!

We wanted to give her a birthday party she would be able to enjoy, or as much as they really can at this age. So coming up with the theme was easy. Cats. Olivia loves cats. I’m not surprised. I love cats. We have three cats. It’s in her genes.

I wanted it to be bright, colorful, and girly. The colors we chose were pink and teal. I have to admit I did a lot of the designs last-minute, but there was a ton of inspiration on Pinterest to help me out.


There were a few details I really loved. I found a paw print hole punch at Michael’s, and used this on her birthday banner to run the baker’s twine through. I also used it to tie the ribbon onto the favor bags. The small details that may not be totally noticeable immediately are always a fun touch.

Chalk paw prints were drawn on the sidewalk leading to the front door, and I made a cat face wreath to hang on the door.

I found a picture of a cat balloon online, and recreated it. I think this was Olivia’s favorite thing from the whole party. For three days afterwards, every time she saw it, she pointed and laughed. I kinda now want to make a cat balloon on a weekly basis. She loved it that much (who am I kidding – I loved it that much too)!

dsc_0275 dsc_0270

Her cat themed desserts also turned out adorable, and delicious!


The smash cake was another story. Super happy before the cake, but tears, lots of tears, after. She wouldn’t touch it. But that’s ok, because there were plenty of kids around that wanted to do the smashing and eating for her! We even tried the next day when it was just my husband and I at home. Same result. How is this my child? I love sweets!



Regardless, she still had a great time with all her friends and family and we were so happy everyone could celebrate such a special day with us. I loved how the party turned out, not just because it was adorable, but seeing Olivia take it all in – pointing, smiling, and laughing at all the cats everywhere made my heart melt. It was a day we will definitely never forget! Happy 1st birthday sweet girl!

Cat Cake by A Piece of Cake
Cookies by Kylie’s Cookies
Smash Cake by Tom Thumb Bakery


Wild One First Birthday Party

I just got back from Dallas as we celebrated my sweet niece’s first birthday (kitten themed – can’t wait to share the pics!), and it reminded me how I never shared my son’s first birthday party – so here we are!

Nine months ago my son turned one – how do I freeze time?!?! – and I threw him a small and simple birthday party. Those poor second children – Emmie got a huge party with over 30 people and Easton got a small dinner with family :) I think you realize with the second just how little time you have to do these things – and I throw parties for a living! Plus, the last thing we needed was more presents and toys in the house! Still, it was an important celebration so I still wanted to mark the occasion with a cute theme and decor.

Once Easton learned to crawl and move, he has never slowed down! This kid requires constant attention as he is a climber, jumper and has no fear. He is my “wild one”, so the theme seemed perfect! I took some cues from the adorable “Where the wild things are” book and decorated with gold crowns and arrows. For some masculine colors I love the combo of navy and teal, and to add a punch of color I used coral and gold. Balloons, banners, place cards, a cake topper and coordinating straws helped tie the whole look together. For a simple and stylish party, I think we delivered :) He won’t remember it, but I will remember his smiles!



Pinwheels & Elephants First Birthday Party

When one of Undercover Hostess’ favorite people, our friend Andrea, asked us to put together a package for her daughters first birthday, we jumped at the chance. Andrea fell in love with this party theme she saw on HWTM blog, Whimsical First Birthday Party, and after looking through the pictures we understand why. We loved the fun color scheme, and the precious combination of pinwheels & elephants. We decided to take this idea of Pinwheels & Elephants and make it our own, using pink, dark pink, teal & yellow, ribbons, and the mommy’s favorite pattern, chevron. We LOVE the impact the pink chevron tablecloth makes, and how adorable the printables turned out, especially the backdrop piece. Ashley outdid herself by creating this personalized focal point for the party.

We are thrilled with the outcome of this party, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! You too can throw a Pinwheels & Elephants party for your little girl as this package is available through our shop.

undercover hostess, pinwheels & elephants, baking cups, fruit cups, high chair wrap, utensil kit, wooden forks, yellow bitty bags
Baking cups used as individual fruit cups, ribbon highchair wrap and our utensil kit.
pinwheels & elephants, birthday party, undercover hostess, personalized banner, backdrop piece, ferris wheel cupcake stand, chevron
Our personalized banner and backdrop décor.
cupcakes, pinwheel inserts, pinwheels & elephants, undercover hostess
Cute cupcake wrappers with pinwheel inserts complete the look.
pinwheel & elephants, undercover hostess, personalized banner, ferris wheel cupcake holder, lanterns
All the UCH elements coming together.
pinwheels & elepants, pennant cake topper, personalized backdrop, chevron, undercover hostess, first birthday party
Cake topper that was created just for Abby.