Wild One First Birthday Party

I just got back from Dallas as we celebrated my sweet niece’s first birthday (kitten themed – can’t wait to share the pics!), and it reminded me how I never shared my son’s first birthday party – so here we are!

Nine months ago my son turned one – how do I freeze time?!?! – and I threw him a small and simple birthday party. Those poor second children – Emmie got a huge party with over 30 people and Easton got a small dinner with family :) I think you realize with the second just how little time you have to do these things – and I throw parties for a living! Plus, the last thing we needed was more presents and toys in the house! Still, it was an important celebration so I still wanted to mark the occasion with a cute theme and decor.

Once Easton learned to crawl and move, he has never slowed down! This kid requires constant attention as he is a climber, jumper and has no fear. He is my “wild one”, so the theme seemed perfect! I took some cues from the adorable “Where the wild things are” book and decorated with gold crowns and arrows. For some masculine colors I love the combo of navy and teal, and to add a punch of color I used coral and gold. Balloons, banners, place cards, a cake topper and coordinating straws helped tie the whole look together. For a simple and stylish party, I think we delivered :) He won’t remember it, but I will remember his smiles!




Clownfish Birthday Party!

I was so excited for my little girl to turn two, and one of the great things about having a little girl is getting to style parties for them. Unfortunately, my daughter was OBSESSED, and when I say obsessed I am putting it lightly, with the movie Nemo at the time. Being that this party was about her, I decided to go with the Nemo theme this year and hope for a girly theme when she turns three. To keep the party from becoming to cheesy, I stuck mostly with colors and accented with a few of the animals from Nemo, like the clownfish, jellyfish and starfish. Once everything came together, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this clownfish theme. So much so that it is now available for purchase in our shop! Check out a few pictures from the party below.

Balloon wreath for the door.
Balloon wreath for the door.
Menu cards
Menu cards
nemo banner, nemo birthday party, clownfish, undercover hostess
Personalized birthday banner.
nemo party, birthday party, clownfish, bitty bags, utensil kit, undercover hostess
Utensil kit creation.
nemo party, clownfish birthday party, personalized cups, undercover hostess
We added personalized sippy cups to the party as an additional favor. Loved how they turned out!
nemo party, clownfish birthday party, personalized favor tags, nemo favor tags, undercover hostess
“Thank you for swimming by” favor tags.
nemo party, clownfish birthday party, undercover hostess, pinata
My daughter taking a swing at her clownfish piñata.

It’s a Pirate Party!!

I had the pleasure of creating this party package for one of Emmie’s friends, Gracen, for her third birthday. I wanted to stick with the classic pirate colors of red, black and white so this package could work for any little boy or girl. We played around with stripes and polka dots, and of course had to throw in some gold doubloons. I love the way this package fits together, from the tablecloth to the lanterns and pirate flag cupcake inserts. It is just enough “pirate” in my opinion without going to overboard! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Gracen sure had an adorable and fun party with all of her mates!

Pirate Birthday Banner, personalized banner, undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, red, black, stripes
Pirate Birthday Banner
undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, baking cups, fruit cups, muffin cups, red and black polka dots
Great use of the baking cups from the package. Fruit cups for the kids!
undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, cupcakes, black and white strip tablecloth
Cupcake table.

The main table linen for this package was used on the cupcake table. It also displays the cupcake wrappers, inserts and utensil kit that can be added on to the Pirate package. The hostess created an adorable stand to display the cupcakes on. She created the stand out of MDF wood, and then wrapped the wood in tissue paper and ribbon. We think it looks great!

undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, personalized cupcake inserts, pirate cupcake, black and red stripes, polka dots
Cupcake wrappers and personalized inserts.

How cute are these pirate cupcake inserts? I love personalized details for any party, and I think making the insert look like a pirate flag is the perfect touch for this Pirate party.

undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, red and white striped runner
Additional tables in the backyard.

Our hostess ordered some additional table runners for her folding tables in the backyard. These provided seating for all of her guests, and added some great punch of color with the red and white stripes for the pirate theme.

Superheros to the rescue!

Back in August, I had the pleasure of designing this Superhero Package for my two favorite little boys – Hudson and Hayes. After it is all said and done, this has come to be one of my favorite packages. I absolutely adore the bright colors and comic book characters, and looking at the pictures I just can’t help but smile!

Emily actually ended up ordering two main packages as she needed mostly two of everything – main table linens, bunting banners, paper plates, balloons, etc. The weather ended up holding out and the day was perfect to celebrate their birthdays! My daughter attended the bash and had a fantastic time.

undercover hostess, superhero birthday party, personalized birthday banner, red, yellow
Our personalized birthday banner is full of bright colors!

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