7 Baby Shower Games That You Will Actually Want to Play!

Let’s be honest. Sometimes the least fun part of a baby shower can be the awkward games. Smelling “dirty” chocolate smeared diapers to guess the melted candy isn’t all that appealing, especially when you know you are going to be dealing with the real thing pretty soon. And there are some baby foods I don’t want to taste, not for fun. No wonder babies make those awful faces, who can blame them?

To help you plan your next baby shower, we’ve put together a few baby shower games your guests will actually want to participate in – and have a ton of fun!

1. Baby Shower Price Is Right.Unique Baby Shower Games, Price is Right Baby Shower Game, PRINTABLE for Boy, Dark and Light Skin, INSTANT DOWNLOADA hilarious game especially for the first time mom-to-be! She has no idea how much these items go for since she’s never had to purchase them (I fall into this category, I’m horrible at this game). Your guests will love it too – prices fluctuate all the time, so maybe what Aunt Suzie thought a box of diapers sold for isn’t the case anymore. Will definitely make for an entertaining comparison of answers. I found these cards for purchase on Etsy.

2. Baby Shower Photo BoothRustic Boho themed baby shower via Kara's Party Ideas KarasPartyIdeas.com Cakes, decor, printables, invitation, cupcakes, desserts, favors, and more! #rusticbabbyshower #bohoparty #bohobabyshower (32)A fun memory to take home for guests, and for you to keep in a scrapbook! Throw in some baby themed props, and this will keep everyone busy for hours! (Source.)

3. Wishes for Baby.Dear Baby Printable Baby Shower Game - Wishes For Baby Game - Baby Shower Game - Instant Download - Gold Confetti - White Gold, Baby ShowerHave your guests write down their sweet wishes for your newest addition! This was done for me at my bridal shower and I still love taking them out and reading them! These lovely gold printable wishes were found on Etsy.

4. Guesstimate the Bump.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby shower | 100 Layer CakeletPulling out the measuring tape and taking down numbers of mom’s bump size to see who was the closest doesn’t seem all that cute. But dress it up like these adorable stars tied with gold twine, and that’s a different story. (Source.)

5. Create a Keepsake.Keep guests entertained with a little arts and crafts project. Perfect for a memory book, or even in a frame for the nursery. For purchase on Etsy.

6. Don’t Say Baby.Rules are on the sign. You really have to be on your toes for this one. But I couldn’t resist how cute the decor was in this party. (Source.)

7. Have a DIY Bar.coffee baby shower-59Set up a themed bar where your guests can make their own desserts, ice cream, drinks, cravings – anything. DIY bars keep guests busy and let them have fun! This adorable party from Frog Prince Paperie set up a coffee + cravings bar.. love it!



Spring Party Trend :: It’s a Fiesta!

I think most of us are finally getting to experience the gorgeous spring weather! It’s about time, right? This time of year is a fabulous time for any type of celebration – baby showers, bridal showers, and lots of birthday parties! A big trend we’ve been seeing recently that works for any of these parties? A fiesta theme! The explosion of bright colors just makes us so happy! Here are a few of the decor trends with this theme we have seen, and they are super easy to DIY!

how to set up your own taco bar1. A Taco Bar. Well first and foremost, what’s a fiesta without tacos?! Wedding Chicks has the details on how to get this “Make Your Own Taco Bar”, complete with a shopping list and all! Who’s hungry?

2. A Colorful Backdrop. Color, color, and more color! We love it! An easy fringe backdrop is perfect for photos, or hang it behind your dessert table to make a statement. Get the look with the super simple tutorial from Brit + Co.

3. Giant Balloons with Tassels. Large balloons with any kind of tassels are huge (no pun intended) right now. This takes it a step further by using a confetti filled balloon with bright fringe tassels, and really just makes you want to celebrate. (Source.)

DIY Tutorial: Colorful Tissue Fringe Garland4. Tissue Fringe Garland. When you picture a Fiesta, you imagine the gorgeous and sometimes intricate papel picado strung overhead. HWTM offers a DIY on how you can achieve a similar look by using fringe garland as an alternative. We love the look of papel picado but are all for a time and money saver, and this works great!

mexican signs to cut out and make for free5. Printable Food Signs. Tent cards work wonderfully as a menu display or even for place cards. Add a colorful detail to your food table by creating your own or utilizing these free printables from Happy Thought

DIY Fringed Napkin Pocket | Sarah Hearts for Confetti Pop6. Fringed Napkin Pocket. It’s all about the details. Dressing up utensils is a creative and easy way to add those special details to your party. And trust me, people notice! Sarah Hearts gives a DIY tutorial on how to get this adorable Fringed Napkin Pocket look for your next Fiesta!

Bright and Cheerful Mexican Fiesta Birthday Party7. Colorful Tableware. This is a must! Straws, plates, napkins – all with lots of beautiful and bold color! Don’t be afraid to mix and match, that’s what makes the Fiesta so great! Use 3 or 4 main colors and spread them throughout. We love the use of color in this party from HWTM!

These parties look like so much fun, I may just have to find an excuse to throw one!

Thinking of hosting your own? Undercover Hostess has you covered for your next celebration! Shop our online store to find these bold and bright Fiesta worthy party supplies!
Fiesta Tableware Inspiration | Undercover Hostess

11 Creative Ideas for Diaper Cakes

burlap diaper cake

Baby showers are so much fun to style and decorate! Many times, the hosts put together a sweet diaper cake for the mom-to-be. Diaper cakes are great because they make a beautiful decorative piece but are also a wonderful gift for the guest of honor to take home. Just plain ol’ diaper cakes in themselves are just adorable. But they also come in so many elaborate and creative styles. Erin had a baby shower right before her son was born a few weeks ago. Her friends made the sweetest diaper cake for her; a big plush bear riding a motorcycle that was made out of diapers. She absolutely loved it. I had never seen a diaper cake like that before, and it made me wonder.. what other unique and cute styles are out there? I’ve rounded up several of our favorites below!

1. Chalkboard + Burlap Diaper Cake. This is actually one we designed for a baby shower using our Charming Chalkboard Baby Shower Hostess Kit. Yeah, I may be partial and a {little} biased, but the simplicity of the burlap ribbons on this cake makes it one of my favorites.

Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake Tutorial + Free Printables!2. Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake. This diaper cake is something guests will be sure to tell their friends about. It is so unique and fun, and Hostess With The Mostess even gives you the tutorial and printables to create this look yourself!

Nautical Theme Ship Wheel Diaper Cake Instructions3. Nautical Ship Wheel Diaper Cake. We love that this is so different from the typical cake style, plus it can double as a front door decoration! Find the downloadable instructions on Etsy for $8.50.

Dandelion Baby Shower via Kara's Party Ideas #dandelion #BabyShower #PartyPlanning #idea #PartyDecorations (15)4. Dandelion Diaper Cake. A gorgeous cake in vibrant yellow topped with beautiful flowers. Looks almost like a cake you could eat! Kara’s Party Ideas.

Diaper Babies 5. Diaper Babies. Another fun alternative to the standard diaper cake. No diapers are actually used, but instead it’s made out of wash cloths and socks. I think we can agree, it’s just as cute! Frugal Fanatic gives a tutorial on how to make this very sweet gift yourself.

Chic {French Inspired} Pink Baby Shower6. French Inspired Diaper Cake. This diaper cake is similar to the first burlap one, but with a little more pizzazz. Pink ribbons and flowers give it a softer look, and we love the detail of the baby name in wood letters! Not  to mention the little rabbit on top! See more pictures of this diaper cake over at Hostess with the Mostess.

Princess Castle7. Princess Castle Diaper Cake. Welcome the little princess in style with this pretty incredible castle cake! It actually looks more involved to make it than it really is when you examine how it’s done. So cute! (Found on Etsy.)

Storybook Themed Baby Shower and diaper cake - your homebased mom8. Storybook Diaper Cake. We love how this diaper cake also is decorated with little gifts to go with the theme! Here’s the step-by-step from Your Home Based Mom for how to make this diaper cake.

9. Green Stork Bundle. If actually creating a diaper cake seems daunting, this unique spin on the traditional cake is a great solution (from Diaper Cakes Mall).

Panda on a Chopper10. Motorcycle Diaper Cake. This cake is just too adorable for words, and includes extra goodies other than diapers, which help make up the motorcycle. A wonderful gift and centerpiece!  Check out Pop Sugar Moms for a tutorial on how to make the motorcycle.

11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Diaper Cake. The pink, gold, glitter, stars, and initial set at the top.. we love it all. A lovely way to welcome a little star into the world! You can see more pictures of this cake over at Hostess with the Mostess.

New In The Shop :: Party Supplies!

We are excited to finally announce a new addition to our online shop.. party supplies! You may be thinking, “Wait, I thought you already sold party supplies,” – you are right, we did! In Kits. Now we have individual products available for purchase for those times you don’t need an entire Kit. Straws, napkins, candy cups, plates, and so many more pretty little goodies. Here’s just a (small!) sampling of what you can find!

Create your own mix and match party!party-supplies-instagram

Or stock up on party essentials like these!

striped forks
paper straws

Come see all of our new products and start planning your party! Visit us at www.undercoverhostess.com to start browsing!

Undercover Hostess Shop Launch

Woo hoo! It’s here! We are so excited to share with you our new online shop {www.undercoverhostess.com} and all of our Hostess Kits! We are celebrating this exciting day by offering 20% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER to the first 100 users that sign up for our email list.  Once you sign up on our website you will receive an email with your promo code. 


It’s been over a year in the making, and now that it’s here, it just doesn’t seem real! Of course it’s exciting, but a little nerve-wracking too.  Are we ready? What if the website has issues?  What if we are overwhelmed with orders, and it’s too much? What if we don’t have any? Opening day jitters! Regardless of any issues there may be, they pale in comparison to the fact that we are thrilled to be able to share our products and ideas with the rest of the world.  I must say, I am very proud of our hard work this past year and where we are now.  Who knew a small idea about renting out a “party in a box” (as our dad calls it), AKA our Hostess Kits, would grow and turn into an actual company? I spent many, many, weeks, (did I say many weeks?) teaching myself design programs and code to develop the website and printables, and Erin has spent countless hours creating adorable themes and gathering inventory.  And that’s just the fun stuff. We learned all the ins and outs of starting a business.  I can definitely say we have loved every minute of it. Even the times we have worked well past the 24 hour mark, we manage to have a great time.  If we are having this much fun creating the Hostess Kits, it is definitely be a lot more fun using them!   We are very excited to share our unique party planning concept with everyone.  The ability to rent and return coordinating party supplies just may change the way we host parties, and we are thrilled to be a part of it!  We hope you truly adore the Hostess Kits as much as we do!

Of course, we need to include a note of thanks.  We wouldn’t be where we are without all the support from everyone who has helped us make it to this point.  All the advice, research, and feedback has been incredibly helpful, and very much appreciated.  We are lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Now head on over to www.undercoverhostess.com, and check out our site!  Happy Hosting! 

First Look

After a short blogging hiatus, we are back! It has been a bit of a whirlwind but we have been working around the clock to get our online store up and running so that you can enjoy our adorable parties :) It’s almost there, but we want to make it absolutely perfect for you, so a little more fine tuning is required.  Soon! We promise! So what exactly have we been doing?  Gathering inventory, perfecting printables, and a product photo shoot!  It was an amazing feeling to see all of our packages finally come together, so of course we had to sneak in a few of our own pictures from the shoot for our blog.  We couldn’t wait to share!

Finally being able to see all our products on display keeps our creative juices flowing! It’s a lesson in self-restraint, can we host a party every day please?

Building Our Undercover Inventory!
Building Our Undercover Inventory!

We have put together various girl, boy and bridal shower party packages that we {to put it lightly} adore.  One of these – inspired by our love for all things Lilly {Pulitzer, of course} is a charming pink and green bridal shower.   Thank your guests with these preppy pink and green favor bags and tags.

Preppy Pink and Green Party Favor Bag
Preppy Pink and Green Party Favor Bag

And how well would this appropriately themed Lilly koozie fit right into that bag?? Take a look at this pretty in pink Lilly Drink Hugger.

Like I mentioned before, we also have created several birthday parties specifically for girls.  One of our favorites was created around a tutu theme.  Because what little girl can resist playing dress up and running around wearing a tutu?  Centered around a very girly and frilly pink, purple and gray color scheme, this package consists of a hand sewn tulle tablecloth that resembles, what else, but a tutu!

A "Tutu" Cute Dessert Party Table
A “Tutu” Cute Dessert Party Table
A "Tutu" Cute Dessert Party Table
A “Tutu” Cute Dessert Party Table

During a photo break I caught the founder of Undercover Hostess, Erin touching up the Twinkle Twinkle first birthday table.  Oh and yes, that Twinkle Twinkle sign behind her comes included as a backdrop piece in your package!

Erin of Undercover Hostess with Twinkle Twinkle Dessert Table
Erin of Undercover Hostess with Twinkle Twinkle Dessert Table

And of course, after many, many hours of work, those cake pops weren’t going to waste.  We had to celebrate and toast with some well deserved champagne and oh so delicious cake pops – seriously, I think I ate 5 myself.  We found these at The Chocolate Box, and I think they are one of the best desserts I’ve had.


That’s all we can show you for now.. we can’t give away all our secrets :) More to follow soon, and in the meantime, we are still creating so if you have a custom party feel free to contact us!


Monogram Baby Shower

My beautiful friend Kelly just had her precious baby girl Palmer this past month and it reminded me I hadn’t posted about her shower yet. Oops! This baby shower was one I really enjoyed putting together, not only because I love the mommy it was for, but because I LOVE monograms and I am so excited we finally did a shower around them! Kelly loves monograms, coral, gray & teal – so I think we hit the nail on the head with this one! We used the monogram wherever we could, like the backdrop piece, menu cards, favor tags, personalized banner and straw flags. I love how it adds such a personal touch for the mommy to see her future bundle of joys’ monogram everywhere! After all, this day is about them!

monogram baby shower, backdrop monogram, bunting banner, undercover hostess, coral and teal, lanterns
Backdrop piece, lanterns & bunting banner.
undercover hostess, front door sign, chevron, coral and teal, monogram baby shower
Our mommy to be with the front door sign – P for Palmer.
undercover hostess, personalized banner, monogram baby shower, coral and teal
Personalized banner used to welcome the guests as they pulled up.

coral and teal, undercover hostess, monogram baby shower, coral stripe straws, mason jars, favor tags

undercover hostess, coral and teal, monogram baby shower, coral lanterns, teal lanterns, chevron, baby shower
Coral, teal & monograms came together so nicely!

This shower is available for purchase in the shop.

Burlap Baby Shower

Burlap, baby blue & chalkboards, oh my! We adore this baby shower we designed for a mommy who was expecting a baby boy as it is classically simple in design and colors, yet makes a huge statement once all the elements are pulled together. The main colors were white, black and light tan with accents of baby blue. Lots of burlap and ruffles were used on our pieces, as well as some elements of chalkboard, like on the invitation, menu cards and front door sign. We had a very pleased mommy, and that’s all that matters to us! Check out some of the pictures below from the event.

Diaper Cake, undercover hostess, burlap, baby shower, polka dot burlap
Diaper Cake
Front Door burlap wreath, burlap polka dots, undercover hostess, chalkboard, baby shower
Front Door Wreath
Personalized paper straws, baby blue polka dot straws, undercover hostess, baby shower
Personalized paper straws

This package is available for purchase through our shop.