Frozen Fever Birthday Party!

Disney’s marketing geniuses knew what they were doing when they created a 7 minute clip that would generate a whole new love for Frozen, along with a whole new set of merchandise! And my daughter was one of those little girls who gobbled up all things Frozen Fever, so alas, we had a Frozen Fever birthday party when she turned five. I have to admit, I actually LOVE the way this party turned out – lots of fun, bright colors, cute little snowgies (mini snowmen), flowers upon flowers and flowers, and the best part… it was actually very easy to organize!

Frozen Fever

The Breakdown:

Colors: Yellow, White, Teal, Green and Pink

Décor: To set the royal table up, I used one of our yellow and white striped tablecloths, silver candelabras with sunflower balls, and place cards with the guest’s names on them. For placemats, I bought teal scrapbook paper which is an inexpensive and easily solution (just throw away when done!). They also got to use Frozen Fever plates and teal water goblets to drink their fancy lemonade out of. Even though it was a ‘tea’ party, I knew pink lemonade would be a much bigger hit!



I also had our entryway table wrapped in tulle with a sunflower garland which was a big wow factor. The cake was displayed front and center for everyone to see! My favorite décor item was the sunflower garland that draped our staircase – it made such an impact and helped set the scene for Frozen Fever!


Food: Tiara shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit parfaits in a fancy cup were the highlight of this royal tea party. A must – the replica of the Frozen Fever cake!! Definitely the highlight for my daughter that her cake looked like the one from the movie! A big thanks to The Chocolate Box of Chattanooga for creating that masterpiece.


  1. Tea Cups: Being a tea party, we had a paint your own tea cup section, which was created easily by buying two paint your own pottery sets from the store. I had the girls do this first so we could bake the tea cups while they did the other activities allowing them to be ready for use during the tea party. Tip: Put tea cups straight into cold water once they come out so they cool faster.
  2. Nails: I bought a set of Frozen nail polish and had our babysitter paint the girls fingers J Each princesses got to pick one color to put in her bag and take home.
  3. Make Up: My mom stepped up as makeup artist for the day and put glitter, blush and lip gloss on the girls. I bought mini Frozen body glitter from party city and ordered Frozen lip gloss off Amazon. Again, each girl got to pick one to use and take home with her.
  4. Tiaras: I bought the make your own crown kits from the party store. No set up, super easy and the girls loved it!
  5. Frozen Fever movie: To calm the girls down before lunch, I played the Frozen Fever clip from YouTube. Free entertainment!
  6. Hair clips: I made the Elsa hair clip from the movie using a clear jewel, purple flower and hot glue. These were clipped onto the teal goblets on the table creating a cute accent!



Party Favors: Each princess got a bag with her name on it to put their swag in from the makeup/nail polish station. We also had sunflower cookies (yum!) and a cute little snowgies! Hopefully whenever they squeeze their snowgie they will remember how much fun they had!

This party turned out to be beautiful, easy on the wallet, even easier to put together and one my daughter will always remember (or at least I hope so!)



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