DIY Silver Acorn Garland


My neighbors have a giant oak tree in their yard that produces MASSIVE acorns. I’m talking huge. There are so many all over the sidewalk, I felt like they were going to waste just laying there. I was trying to think of some way to incorporate these display worthy acorns into a holiday decoration for my house. Well, anything looks prettier painted silver, so why not acorns? It’s a great color for both fall and winter and goes with everything. It was a very easy project to do, the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry! Below is the tutorial – but before you start an acorn painting party, make sure to read Small Home Big Start for tips on how to clean them. Bugs and mold aren’t very cute, so probably not a good idea to skip that step. Now, on to the fun!

acorn-materialsYou will need: acorns, scissors, bakers twine, silver liquid gilding (I used Martha Stewart’s brand from Michael’s), and a small paint brush

acorn-paintingOnce the acorns have been cleaned, you can start painting. For most of the acorns, I was able to paint it all at once, while holding the stem, and set it upside down on the cap to dry.  That way it the acorn can dry without rolling around and messing up your lovely paint job.

acorn-painting2I used two coats of the liquid gilding just to give it some extra shine.  Pretty, right?

acorn-and-string-whiteNext, string the acorns together with bakers twine.  The stems on the caps are pretty sturdy. I tied two knots to make sure the acorns weren’t going anywhere since they were relatively heavy. And that is it! I just thought they were so cute I started thinking of different ways to use them.  Hang as garland by themselves, or on a tree. Instead of stringing them together, why not turn them into single hanging pieces? Boom – lots of acorn ornaments! See how Design Sponge shows how to make a gorgeous table centerpiece by hanging them separately.

acorn-and-garlandI took a few extras that weren’t strung up and sprinkled them throughout garland on my mantle.  I can’t decide which look I like best! We hope you enjoyed this project, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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