Holiday Is Here!

I feel like there is still a lot of time before Christmas is here.  I mean, there is still the wonderful deliciousness that is Thanksgiving.  But as of today – the count is 44 days! That’s really not that much time! Life gets in the way and it always manages to sneak up on me.  I’ve already started my shopping so I don’t get caught (again) trying to scramble and do it all the week before.  It’s really put me in the festive spirit. I love all the holiday decoration inspiration I’ve seen on Pinterest lately.  I’m not one to skip over Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas, but it really makes me want to host a holiday party.  Like, now. Well it could be that, or the fact that we have been creating new Mini Holiday Kits for the shop! Yeah, I’m thinking that probably has a lot to do with it.

We’ve put together two Mini Holiday Kits just in time for the holiday season.  In stock now are Be Merry Mini Holiday Kits as well as New Year’s Eve Mini Holiday Kits.  I absolutely love both of them! Our Mini Holiday Kits are a little different from our typical Hostess Kits. The basic Kit is designed for a party of 8 (with room to add more product, of course) and unlike our Hostess Kits, there are no rental items. You keep everything!

Undercover Hostess
Be Merry Mini Holiday Kit
Undercover Hostess
New Year’s Eve Mini Holiday Kit

As a special gift, we are also offering 10% off with code HOLIDAY10.  Don’t forget – we would never make you pay for shipping, it’s always free!

Our Mini Holiday Kits are available in our store now.  After you’ve hosted your party, send us your pictures! We would love to feature your party and show how you made your Holiday Kit your own.  Submissions can be sent to


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