Happy Halloween!

haloween-blog-eggsBoo! Beware of what’s in your fridge, frightening things might be lurking inside. No, not the leftovers from last week… Halloween eggs! I gave these ordinary white eggs a little bit of a face lift last night.  It’s a cute and not-so-scary surprise for my husband in the morning.   If you happen to have several eggs and a Sharpie on hand, this is an easy but fun project to do in five minutes.  It’s pretty self explanatory, but just in case – here are some pictures and tips below!

halloween-eggs-and-sharpieI used both a skinny Sharpie Pen and Sharpie Marker.  The pen was good for fine lines with the eyes and teeth, and the marker was useful for coloring in large spaces quickly. Make sure you wipe down the eggs before you begin drawing on them. There may be condensation present after your take them out of the refrigerator. Your boo-tiful faces will smear if they aren’t fully dry.  

egg-eye-sharpieLay the egg so the smaller end is facing down when you begin to draw, it looks more like a head when placed this way.   Need inspiration for what kind of faces to give these guys?  I drew mine from the Ugly Dolls and Jack-o-lantern expressions, they look great on the eggs.

sharpie-eye halloween-eggs

Ta-da! So cute. It’s too bad we have to crack them open! While you are making breakfast, ask someone to grab an egg for you and watch their reaction when they open the carton. It’s sure to get a smile.  

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween! Happy haunting! 

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