DIY Halloween Door Decor


I have seen these adorable “BOO” door signs everywhere – from Etsy to Pinterest, and love how fun they are!  I knew it was time for me to get festive and create. Turns out, it is SUPER simple!

The Materials:

1. BOO Letters: I went to my local craft store and bought the wood letters. They are 8” tall, and were easy on the pocket at $2.50 each.
2. Acrylic Black Paint: I picked up a small bottle for $1 at the craft store. I used one of my daughters paint brushes to apply. (If you don’t want to use a brush, you can use black spray paint.  Since it was cold outside when I made these, I opted for the acrylic paint.)
3. Twine: I used black and white bakers twine to tie the letters together. You can find this many times at a local craft store, or order it from Whisker Graphics. (It is always good to have on hand!)
4. Ribbon: The orange polka dot and black and white striped ribbons I used to make the bows are from my favorite ribbon store, Ribbons and Bows Oh My.  They even have cute Halloween ribbon for another fun look.

The Tools:

1. Drill: You need a drill with a small bit to drill the holes in the letters.
2. Scissors: To cut the ribbon of course :)
3. Hot Glue Gun: To make the bows.


How to:

1.  Paint the letters black.  I applied two coats just to make sure it was all covered. A great thing about acrylic paint – it dries fast!

2. Drill holes in the letters once they are dry.  Make two holes on the letter “B” and two holes on one of the “O” letters.  There will need to be a hole at the top and one at the bottom of each of these letters. For the second “O”, you just need one hole at the top.

3.  Tie the letters together with the bakers twine. I also created a loop on the top hole of “B” for hanging.  Now your “BOO” letters are assembled.

4.  Make the bow. There are tons of tutorials on a million different kinds of bows, but I decided to just wing it! If you like the look of the bow, follow these steps to achieve it:

boo-orange-ribbon Take the larger ribbon (in this case, the orange polka dot) and wrap it around your hand three times before cutting it.

orange-ribbon-and-scissors Take your bakers twine and tie it tight in the middle of the wrapped ribbon. It should fold up in the middle to give it a “bow” effect.

orange-and-black-ribbon Use your smaller ribbon (the black and white striped one) to tie it around the bakers twine in one knot. Pull the ends tight. Cut the ends at an angle so they are smaller than the ribbon behind it.

orange-bow Pull apart each end of the bow to fluff up the three bow loops.

Use your glue gun to glue the little “tails” behind the bow. You can make these any length you desire. I put the black and white striped ribbon in front of the orange polka dot ribbon to really make it pop! Bow complete!

Your “BOO” sign is now beautifully crafted and only cost you a little bit of time and a couple of bucks. Proudly hang it on your front door for your neighbors to enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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