A Very Glam Halloween

Glam halloween printables

Call me glam crazy, but I can’t enough.  Maybe it’s the subtle gold sparkle, the bold colors, or the clean lines. Whatever it is, I love it and I am seriously digging a “glam” Halloween style.  It may not be super spooky, but it gets points in the fabulous department.  I was inspired to make these printables by a pumpkin I recently saw while perusing HomeGoods.  A beautiful white pumpkin adorned in gold, over-sized, polka dots caught my eye.  That got me thinking about our holiday printables and how much I really wanted to create these gold and black Halloween freebies to share.

I’ve created a “Happy Halloween” printable banner with a spiderweb separator. (Fun fact: the whole time I was typing the letters I kept singing in my head, “H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N spells Halloween!”..anyone else remember that song?) We are also giving you Halloween themed drink labels to make your house even more festive.  Your guests can choose from “Witches Brew”, “Spider Cider”, “Vampire Blood”, or “Poison Punch”.  They all sound equally unappealing! Enjoy the printables! I’ve posted a link at the bottom of this post where you can download the .pdfs for the banner and drink labels.

Happy hosting!

glam halloween banner

spider halloween banner

Glam drink labels with spiders
Watch out for the spider on your drink!


To accompany your fabulously glam printables, check out this DIY tutorial on glittered pumpkins from Yesterday’s Sweetheart! We just adore these!

Click this link to download the .pdf for the Glam Halloween Banner.

Click this link to download the .pdf for the Glam Halloween Drink Labels.

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