Font Love : Our Favorite Free Script Fonts

I really wish I was good at calligraphy, but I’m not.  My handwriting really isn’t even that neat.  Lucky for me I don’t live back in the day when handwritten letters where the norm, written very fancifully and in a beautiful ink script.  Instead, we now have gorgeous fonts to fall back on.  I love finding new fonts, and experimenting with them in our projects. There are some fonts you have to pay for, but there seem to be just as many that are free for personal use.  These are great for any projects for your wedding – invites, thank you notes, favors and menus.  I even used several of these fonts for my post wedding brunch invitations and rehearsal dinner menus, they turned out great!

free-script-fonts-1CAC Champagne // Miama // Respective // Edwardian Script // Suilly la Tour // Some Weatz  free-script-fonts-2Great Vibes // Scriptina Pro // Cursif // Konstytucyja // Champignon // Janda Celebration Script free-script-fonts-3Janda Elegant Handwriting // Honey Script Light // Sofia // Freebooter Script // Grand Hotel // Lovers Quarrel free-script-fonts-4Blackjack Regular // Contribute // Pacifico  // Exmouth // Little Days // Chopin Script

Did we list of any of your favorites, or miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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