Party Trend: Watercolor (with printables!)

Watercolor is trending – it’s inspiring fashion, weddings and now parties! And we love it! Since it is so light and soft, it really does work well across the board for any type of event.  Like…perfect for a summer party! A watercolor theme is great because you can use it for every aspect of the party, or just individual pieces on their own. We saw so many fantastic watercolor ideas, we had to get in on this. So, we created ultra colorful pink, yellow, and blue watercolor favor tags for you to download – and of course its free! Bonus – you don’t have to get your hands, table, sink, etc. stained with actual watercolor.  You can’t mess this up (unless your printer jams, or you are out of ink.. then yes if you manage that, we have on our hands first world crafting problems). But really, so much easier than actual paint!

Click here to download the watercolor favor tag printable.


For those of you who want to roll up their sleeves and get artsy, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite watercolor DIY projects that can (and should!) be incorporated into any party.

DIY watercolor napkins1.  The Ruffled Blog has a tutorial for making these oh so gorgeous watercolor napkins.   Perfect for a bridal luncheon or shower, (or even my house – look how well they would hide stains!)

Watercolor Paper Bow Free Download

2.  Like we have said before, everyone loves a bow tie – and this is no exception.  Smitten on Paper has free watercolor paper bow templates, so you too can make your table just that much prettier.

DIY watercolor stripe bunting3. The Sweetest Occasion shows how to create a colorful bunting banner (and flags!) with watercolors.

DIY Watercolor Paper cups

4. Now this is how you make a plain paper transform from ordinary to delightful.  Love and Lace shows how to get this look here.

diy watercolor table numbers5. Unless you are using this tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect for a wedding, you probably don’t need table numbers. But switch the bottle out for a vase and flowers, leave off the numbers, and I think we have a stunning centerpiece guests wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of.

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