DIY Glitter Champagne Flutes

DIY Glitter champagne flutes
Several months ago, I hosted an ombre pink & gold glitter bachelorette party for my sister – in Vegas.  It was going to be so much fun, I started thinking of how to style it.  I had to keep in mind it was a destination party.  I love her, but not so much that I want to check 5 bags to get all the party decor there.  Of course I’m joking, if I had to I would – but surely there was another way!  Plastic drinkware was the perfect option for stowing in luggage, but it was so blah. What turns blah into sparkly wonderfulness? Glitter! They turned out (and traveled) perfectly.  The girls absolutely adored the pink glitter champagne flutes. They were such a hit that I wanted to share how I made these, and show you how easy it is to do this at home.  Just follow my DIY tutorial below to give your party a special sparkle.

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

What you’ll need:
drinkware {I used the plastic cups from party city that come in two parts}
tacky spray
mod podge
paint brush
paper plates
sealer/finishing spray {optional}

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materialsDIY Glitter champagne flutes materials


Step one.  Take apart the plastic flute so that it is in two pieces. Spray, spray..and spray, the bottom (or wherever you want the glitter) so it is covered with tacky spray.DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

Step two.  Lay down a paper plate.  Pour glitter over the bottom piece you just sprayed.  An easy way to do this is to place on finger in the opening of the bottom piece and hold at an angle. You will need to do this several times between the paper plates to fully coat the piece.DIY Glitter champagne flutes materials

Step three.  Now, we wait.  Once you have let the glitter set for a few hours, it’s time for mod podge.  One coat usually does the trick.  This seals the glitter and keeps your guests from having shiny pink hands. If you are pressed for time, you can first spray it with a coat of sealer before applying the mod podge. Then you don’t have to wait a few hours before applying.  Either way, it is important for the glitter to be dry because the paint brush may smear the glitter if it is not, giving it an uneven look. After the mod podge has dried, your bases are complete.  Just insert the top portion back onto the base and your done!

DIY Glitter champagne flutes materialsglitter champagne flute diy final

Step four.  Toast! Fill the glasses with champagne or your drink of choice and get to sipping! Now you have adorable glitter champagne glasses that your guests will surely swoon over!

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