A Special Pony Party Creation

Since my niece was born, almost three years ago, I feel like time has flown by and she has grown up so quickly! First there was the “As cute as a button” celebration for her first year, then a Nemo inspired party when she turned two.  Now we’ve been busy planning and creating her third birthday – A Pony Party! When we were younger, my parents had pony rides in my backyard for one of my birthdays – and it was awesome.   My sister wanted to recreate this party for her daughter, but in a much more stylish manner, of course.  We originally started brainstorming with the typical pink and brown vintage color scheme, and even though adorable, wanted to do something a little different.  We wanted to make the focus on Gingham print and lace, giving it more of a shabby chic look with a soft hint of western.   We are using a palette of pinks and blues that have a very pretty feminine and vintage feel.  It has been so much fun bringing all these elements together.  We wanted to share a sneak peek of the invite we’ve been working on.  More pictures will be posted in a few weeks of the entire party, be sure to check back!  pony party invitation pony party invitation

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