Pretty Valentine’s Day Printables

Hearts + Chocolate  =  Two of my favorite things.  Add the fact that my birthday is just hours away from coinciding with this wonderful holiday, celebrating this time of year doesn’t get much better.  At a little over two weeks away, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.  Headed your way just in time are some very adorable {and best of all free} printables! We made them to be versatile, so feel free to use them how you like.  Any way they are displayed will definitely make for a sweet celebration. We have included flags (use either with straws or toothpicks to sit atop your dessert), hearts (to adorn your straw, or just string together as garland) and charming little cards to relay your sentiment to that special someone.  

valentine's day printable, valentines straw flags, valentines cupcake topper and valentines cards
Valentine’s flags, cards, and hearts for you to enjoy!

Let’s face it, paper straws are delightful on their own.  How could they possible be more irresistible? Dress them in a heart cut out of course! Just cut a slit near the top and insert the straw.

valentine's day straw and heart tag
We “heart” this look

No straws? Glue the hearts to toothpicks and make decorative cupcake toppers.  To go a different route, just use the hearts to create heart garland.  Print the designs out, typically card stock works well. Punch two holes near the top of the heart, then just string the hearts with twine or ribbon.  And that’s it!  Super simple!

To download the Valentine’s Day printables, click here here for a higher resolution pdf version.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous in your DIY abilities, we are head over heels for this heart chain, from The House that Lars Built.

Sugar and Cloth shows how to make a fun and easy Valentine – great for any last-minute gift ideas! 

cute as a button

As always, we hope you enjoy the printables!

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