Burlap Baby Shower

Burlap, baby blue & chalkboards, oh my! We adore this baby shower we designed for a mommy who was expecting a baby boy as it is classically simple in design and colors, yet makes a huge statement once all the elements are pulled together. The main colors were white, black and light tan with accents of baby blue. Lots of burlap and ruffles were used on our pieces, as well as some elements of chalkboard, like on the invitation, menu cards and front door sign. We had a very pleased mommy, and that’s all that matters to us! Check out some of the pictures below from the event.

Diaper Cake, undercover hostess, burlap, baby shower, polka dot burlap
Diaper Cake
Front Door burlap wreath, burlap polka dots, undercover hostess, chalkboard, baby shower
Front Door Wreath
Personalized paper straws, baby blue polka dot straws, undercover hostess, baby shower
Personalized paper straws

This package is available for purchase through our shop.

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