It’s a Pirate Party!!

I had the pleasure of creating this party package for one of Emmie’s friends, Gracen, for her third birthday. I wanted to stick with the classic pirate colors of red, black and white so this package could work for any little boy or girl. We played around with stripes and polka dots, and of course had to throw in some gold doubloons. I love the way this package fits together, from the tablecloth to the lanterns and pirate flag cupcake inserts. It is just enough “pirate” in my opinion without going to overboard! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Gracen sure had an adorable and fun party with all of her mates!

Pirate Birthday Banner, personalized banner, undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, red, black, stripes
Pirate Birthday Banner
undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, baking cups, fruit cups, muffin cups, red and black polka dots
Great use of the baking cups from the package. Fruit cups for the kids!
undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, cupcakes, black and white strip tablecloth
Cupcake table.

The main table linen for this package was used on the cupcake table. It also displays the cupcake wrappers, inserts and utensil kit that can be added on to the Pirate package. The hostess created an adorable stand to display the cupcakes on. She created the stand out of MDF wood, and then wrapped the wood in tissue paper and ribbon. We think it looks great!

undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, personalized cupcake inserts, pirate cupcake, black and red stripes, polka dots
Cupcake wrappers and personalized inserts.

How cute are these pirate cupcake inserts? I love personalized details for any party, and I think making the insert look like a pirate flag is the perfect touch for this Pirate party.

undercover hostess, pirate birthday party, red and white striped runner
Additional tables in the backyard.

Our hostess ordered some additional table runners for her folding tables in the backyard. These provided seating for all of her guests, and added some great punch of color with the red and white stripes for the pirate theme.

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